Fascial Dysfunction: Manual Therapy Approaches
Edited by Leon Chaitow with contributions from many of the most respected bodywork practitioners in the world

August 2014
280 pages
Highly illustrated including color
ISBN: 978-1-909141-00

Contents and Contributors


Section 1 Fascial Foundations

The clinical relevance of the functions of fascia:  translating the science Leon Chaitow / Fascial dysfunction and disease: causes, effects and possible manual therapy options Leon Chaitow / Global postural assessment Tom Myers / Additional global and local assessment approaches Leon Chaitow / Removing obstacles to recovery: therapeutic mechanisms and fascia Leon Chaitow

 Section 2 Selected Fascial Modalities

The Bowen technique Michelle Watson & Julian Baker / Connective tissue manipulation and skin rolling Elizabeth Holey & John Dixon / Use it or lose it: recommendations for fascia oriented training applications in sports and movement therapy Robert Schleip & Divo G Müller / The Fascial Manipulation® method applied to low back pain Antonio Stecco, Stefano Casadei, Alessandro Pedrelli,  Julie Day and Carla Stecco / Fascial unwinding Paolo Tozzi / Balanced ligamentous tension technique Paolo Tozzi / Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization Wayne Hammer / Muscle energy techniques Leon Chaitow / Myofascial induction therapy (MIT®) AndrzejPilat / Neuromuscular technique and associated soft tissue manipulation modalities Leon Chaitow / Positional release techniques (including counterstrain) Leon Chaitow / Rolfing® structural integration Jonathan Martine / Management of scars and adhesions Willem Fourie / Massage therapy and fascia Sandy Fritz / Trigger point release methods including dry needling César Fernández de las Peñas


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