Biotensegrity: The Structural Basis of Life
by Graham Scarr
Chartered Biologist and Osteopath; Fellow of the Linnean Society and Fellow of the Society of Biology

152 pages
Highly illustrated
ISBN: 978-1-909142-16

The concept of tensegrity as a structural design principle has been around since the middle of the 20th century  and is currently seeing a huge increase in interest including among biologists, clinicians and others interested in functional anatomy and movement. This book provides a highly accessible and very detailed introduction to the subject in a way is specifically intended to inform and enhance manual and movement therapists’ practice.


There are many hundreds of scientific publications that mention tensegrity / biotensegrity in relation to human anatomy, from cell function to the mechanics of individual joints and the entire structure. Biotensegrity – the structural basis of life brings the picture into focus for the first time, describing the discovery of tensegrity, explaining the basic geometry and its significance for anatomy, and presenting its assimilation into current biomechanical theory. It attempts to clarify and explain to the manual therapist and movement teacher in simple language what biotensegrity is, how it works and how the practitioner can integrate understanding of it into clinical practice leading to more effective therapeutic care of clients.


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