Architecture of Human Living Fascia: The extracellular matrix and cells revealed through endoscopy

by Jean Claude Guimberteau and Colin Armstrong

Architecture of Human Living Fascia presents Dr Jean-Claude Guimberteau's ground-breaking research into the architecture and organisation of living form and his concept of global dynamics. Packed with extraordinary photos and videos on the accompanying DVD and website, this work challenges the view of layered tissue organisation that traditional anatomy books describe.


With the use of his technique of intra-tissular endoscopy Dr Guimberteau reveals the complexity and intricacy of tissue mobility where there are no distinct layers. It may raise questions as well as answers but the significance of this book is immeasurable and will open avenues for further research in the study of living anatomy.

Dr Jean-Claude Guimberteau is an internationally renowned hand surgeon and past-president of the French Society for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Colin Armstrong DO is an osteopathic practitioner and a founding member of the French Academy of Osteopathy.


The component parts of this exciting and unique project are:

  • 232 page book which includes 350 photographs and diagrams.
  • DVD containing numerous video clips
  • Videos that can be accessed directly online using a unique code printed in the book

Price: $75.00

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