Fascial_Dysfunction_Manual_Therapy_ApproachesFascial Dysfunction: Manual Therapy Approaches

Edited by Leon Chaitow with contributions from many of the most respected bodywork practitioners in the world

Edited by the internationally renowned osteopath and manual therapist, Leon Chaitow, this book provides manual and movement therapists with a clear guide to what fascia is, how it goes wrong and how to treat disorders that involve the fascia.

August 2014  280 pages  Paperback  Highly illustrated including color
ISBN: 978-1-909141-00

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Contents and Contributors


Section 1 Fascial Foundations

The clinical relevance of the functions of fascia:  translating the science Leon Chaitow / Fascial dysfunction and disease: causes, effects and possible manual therapy options Leon Chaitow / Global postural assessment Tom Myers / Additional global and local assessment approaches Leon Chaitow / Removing obstacles to recovery: therapeutic mechanisms and fascia Leon Chaitow

 Section 2 Selected Fascial Modalities

The Bowen technique Michelle Watson & Julian Baker / Connective tissue manipulation and skin rolling Elizabeth Holey & John Dixon / Use it or lose it: recommendations for fascia oriented training applications in sports and movement therapy Robert Schleip & Divo G Müller / The Fascial Manipulation® method applied to low back pain Antonio Stecco, Stefano Casadei, Alessandro Pedrelli,  Julie Day and Carla Stecco / Fascial unwinding Paolo Tozzi / Balanced ligamentous tension technique Paolo Tozzi / Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization Wayne Hammer / Muscle energy techniques Leon Chaitow / Myofascial induction therapy (MIT®) AndrzejPilat / Neuromuscular technique and associated soft tissue manipulation modalities Leon Chaitow / Positional release techniques (including counterstrain) Leon Chaitow / Rolfing® structural integration Jonathan Martine / Management of scars and adhesions Willem Fourie / Massage therapy and fascia Sandy Fritz / Trigger point release methods including dry needling César Fernández de las Peñas

$49.95 + FREE SHIPPING to USA ($12 for International)