Fascia Academy II – $34.95 + shipping and handling

This set contains 10 presentations which were recorded at the Fascia Summer School at Ulm University in September 2012.

  • Robert Schleip Ph.D, Germany
    What is Fascia? Opening Review
  • Carla Stecco MD, Italy
    The Anatomy of Fascia
    The Mechanical Properties of Human Fasciae
  • Leon Chaitow DO, United Kingdom
    Fascia Perspectives: Clinical Models, Theories & Evidence
  • Gerald Pollack Ph.D, USA
    Interfacial Fluid: The Secret Life of Water.
  • Jean-Claude Guimberteau MD, France
    A Conversation with Dr. Guimberteau
  • Jonas Tesarz, Belgium
    Nociceptive Potential of the Lumbar Fascia
  • Werner Klingler MD, Germany
    Fascia Physiology and Pathophysiology
  • Adjo Zorn Ph.D, Germany
    Swingwalking: Moving with Fascia.
  • Heike Jäger Ph.D, Germany
    Fascia and Fibrosis
  • Paul Hodges BPhty(Hons) Ph.D MedDr DSc FACP, New Zealand
    Fascial Contributions to Control of the Lumbopelvic Region:
    Mechanisms & the Effect of Pain